Eljamonpatanegra.com is a Spanish web shop based in Huelva, Castilla Street No. 20, owned by Alvaro Cordero under the tax identification number 49055587Z. You can contact our Customer Service via the tab at the top of each page within this website or by sending an email to info@eljamonpatanegra.com

Our business is the Internet marketing through best Iberico ham produced in Spain, 100% Iberico Pata Negra. We also offer both acorn Iberian ham as bait field, always from animals raised in freedom.

We know perfectly insecurity that still causes some people buying online. We deal in that insecurity may eventually become full satisfaction.


We select for you the best pieces of ham Pata Negra.

Iberian ham pieces with better features are developed in Huelva and Extremadura. The main producers of both areas rely on our shop, exclusively for sale online, without the usual intermediaries, and we cede part of their production.

Such suppliers selected from the best batches of Pata Negra ham pieces finally delight your palate.

We offer the best online shopping experience


Our Customer Service handles all your pre-acquisition and following the same concerns are met.

Next to Customer Service, our return policy guaranteed to be 100% if the part is defective or transport has affected the quality of it are the pillars of our company policy, geared entirely towards full customer satisfaction.


Why Eljamonpatanegra.com is cheaper than my local dealer?


We offer our customers unbeatable prices, that is because our store is dedicated exclusively to online marketing plot enjoying the quality of eliminating intermediaries, which greatly increase the final price of the product. Also our store has preferential agreements with those motivated by our exclusive online sales to producers.


Why Eljamonpatanegra.com offers superior quality at my local dealer?


While his usual piece goes through a period in which various suppliers trading with the product, which may involve deterioration of the part and change its original condition of healing. In Eljamonpatanegra.com your piece comes directly from the winery and has been proven by professional hours before shipment, so ensuring that your piece has any and all the necessary to make your dining experience is outstanding conditions. We guarantee the highest quality 100% Ham Iberico. Pata Negra.


If you have any questions please contact our Customer Service tab you will find at the top of each page within this website.