Recognize a real Iberian Ham Pata Negra


 We offer some tips to avoid confusion


From pigs reared in freedom that have been fed exclusively on acorns. So are the best Iberian ham Pata Negra we can find in the market. A alimentogourmet, whose 'popularity' is even increased during the holidays. A time when it costs a little less loose wallet to afford certain whims, including, of course, the gastronomic.

And, like any product it accompanies certain exclusivity, the 'imitations' are always lurking (some, indeed, quite achieved). How to know if we are facing a real Iberian ham or with a copy?

One of the first things to consider is the color of the hoof. This has to be black (the legendary 'black leg') and must be worn because of the freedom breeding pigs. But this must not be the only indication (no genetically modified breeds that also have this feature). So, we must also look at the diameter of the ankle: the finest, highest purity of race and final product quality.
Overall the leg must have a stylized appearance as the Iberian pig is quite a 'walker': during the time of the montanera the animal will have traveled in search of acorns, some 14 km away daily.
Another curiously tracks is related to a genetic defect that Iberian pigs have a slight marbling fat between the muscle bundles. You have to look good in this combination: many believe that there is enough marbled fat, but do not fall into simplifications, as in the case of false 'pata negra' This grain is excessive.
It is also important that the texture of fat, the 'quality' can be discovered by touch. The pure Iberian acorn-fed is so subtle that it costs you merge smoothly with the body temperature of the palm. False, on the contrary, requires more heat to reach the melting point.
There are other clues that are available to a few experts. For example, the master of the great ham cutters discovered when faced with the finest specimens, always 'left' cut better. In fact, the real virtuosos delicacy known knife Product: being metaphorical, often say that the sound to pass that knife for other than Iberian ham sounds tambourine while pure, sounds like a Stradivarius. And it is clear: the ham is good for the palate what great music to the ears ...