Ham of Huelva is a Protected Designation of Origin under Regulation (EC) No 510/2006 of the European Union. It is a ham well known for its texture, aroma and flavor unique and distinguishable. Ham elaborated in the Sierra de Huelva in unique microclimate from Iberian pigs reared in freedom in the pasture and fed during fattening with acorns and natural grasses.

Designation of origin 'Jabugo'

In September 2008, the Regulatory Council of Huelva ham along with the city of Jabugo, submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Junta de Andalucía, a request to change the name of the appellation of origin. This record was to change Designation of Origin Jamón de Huelva Designation of Origin Jabugo for, since both the breeding area as the fattening of Iberian pigs covered also include pastures of Extremadura and Andalusia.

This new agreement includes a series of measures among which the change of name, areas of production and processing, protection of the name Jabugo, differentiation of the final product with the municipality of the same name where the winery is marketing, promotion, etc. Thus, the project also includes the direct and indirect return to the village of Jabugo receives such Agreement.1

The new PDO Jabugo began in the spring of 2009 without the presence of Sánchez Romero Carvajal (SRC), Osborne. So the new name started with 47 companies from the two sides in a struggle that came to court. Huelva ham brings its 35 companies and the consortium Authentic Jabugo adds another ten after being taken down SRC. Jabugo ham is born with 70% of the manufacturing companies in the region.

The name change Designation of Origin ham Jabugo Huelva has been denied by the Ministry of Environment, Rural and Marine by ministerial order of January 12, 2010 to be not sufficiently substantiated by name and shown no rooting Jabugo ham outside the municipality's own municipality of Jabugo, ie not sufficiently demonstrates the extent of all Jabugo ham ham from the Sierra de Huelva. This has been a blow to the DO itself, the Provincial Council of Huelva and Self Andalusian who had hoped a return to positive economic balance and strengthening of a DO debilitadisima Huelva ham level of consumer confidence.

Summum Ham

Hams with Designation of Origin "Jamón de Huelva" which have been awarded the "Summum" label are Iberian acorn ham with a perfect balance of flavor, texture, color and odor; traditionally made in the natural conditions of microclimate of the peoples of the Sierra de Huelva. The pigs are purebred Iberian, and have been fed exclusively on acorns and natural grasses.